Couponing? How? Why? Where?

Ah, a topic so dear to my heart, COUPONING.  It’s true, I can’t get enough of couponing and I’m hooked for life.  Call me crazy, but tell me the last time you went into a CVS and bought a box of hair color for .46.  Exactly, you probably never have.  So keep reading because the savings is real and you don’t have to be crazy to do it.

My first recommendation would be to go here and watch her video.  This video explains the basic the best!

Also, I use three sites on a daily basis (yes, I check them hourly only because I have the time to do so)

These websites post about various deals going on, and also they post what we call a “coupon matchup” to a stores weekly ad helping you get the best deals possible.

Couponing can be pretty stressful at first, but once you go into a store and pay nothing, close to nothing, or when Walmart actually pays you money (yes, they do that) to shop at their store you’ll be hooked and will NEVER go back.

Please ask me if you have any questions!!  I’m gonna start a weekly video/post for each store I coupon at and tell you all the details 😀


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