Red Velvet Yogurt and Other Nonsense

So it’s really late and my body has no idea that it should probably be sleeping right now, but that’s okay because it gives me some time to think, and enjoy some yogurt.  Boy, do I love me some yogurt.  Preferably Yoplaits Red Velvet but whatever is free or super cheap that week works 😀

So what’s on my mind tonight?  Oh yeah, I have to go back to Longwood tomorrow.


Let me try to explain why I dislike Longwood so much.  First things first, Longwood is absolutely beautiful, and I’m really convinced that if Longwood was a little closer to civilization and my house I’d be completely in love with it.  But, it’s a party school (shocker, I know right) but then again what school isn’t.  I went into college with an “i’m gonna party 24/7” attitude, and boy was I surprised.  I found myself in my dorm NEVER going out because it just didn’t seem worth it to go out and f*** up all my parents hard earned money to put me in college just to go out and feel like crap the next morning.  Oh, and another thing, I’m not a big drinker (it only took one vomit filled night to make that decision).  I don’t even consider myself a social drinker either, because I really do enjoy this virgin drink at Olive Garden and I’ll probably continue to order it when I’m of legal drinking age :]

But anyways…..

Longwood’s food is GOD AWFUL.  The freshman 15 doesn’t exsist at LU because you really live on a cereal diet and possibly a sandwich every now and then kinda thing.  Over my winter break I’ve been eating non-stop 24 hours a day just because I know I’ll be withering away come tomorrow.  It’s true, it’s really bad.

Here’s where I started to realize how random and not organized this post was.  But it’s 2:32 a.m and just face it, my brain isn’t organized at this point.


Pinterest might be why I don't sleep too :D

Pinterest might be why I don’t sleep too 😀

Story of my life

Story of my life



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