Twenty One Quick Facts About Me (:

  1. I was born January 27, 1994
  2. I’m a “wannabe” redhead
  3. I played softball for 13 years of my life
  4. I’m a Psychology major with hopes of opening my own counseling practice one day
  5. I want to be a certified sky-diver
  6. I’m an extreme couponer
  7. I’m extremely organized
  8. I actually like school
  9. I just recently discovered my love for golf
  10. My boyfriend is 4 years older than me
  11. I actually wish I was taller (6′ would be nice)
  12. I eat A LOT
  13. I’m obsessed with Ellen, Dance Moms, Extreme Couponing, Toddlers and Tiaras, and my new favorite Cheer Perfection
  14. I’m a Tarheel, Red Sox, and Patriots fan for life
  15. I have Rory Mcilroy’s autograph (favorite possession)
  16. I hate children (no, seriously though)
  17. I’ve never eaten ketchup or any major condiment
  18. I’m terrified of people in costumes (like the Chik-Fil-A cow at the mall)
  19. I suffer from depression and anxiety
  20. I’m brutally honest and will tell you anything that’s bothering me or on my mind


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