First Day of Class Blues

So the “official” first day of the Spring semester is here, and it’s such a crappy day to bring it in.  It’s cold and rainy (the cold rain) and everyone’s plan of dressing to impress on the first day was completely ruined by the weather.  My schedule this semester is much more hectic than last semester so just a warning now because I probably won’t be as post happy as I have been.  I’m in the cafeteria (or d-hall as we call it) and I’m completely amazed at some of the changes.  In the middle of our dining hall they’ve put this massive pizza center in and it’s equipped with our very own fire brick oven, and oh my gosh, the pizza is AMAZING.  I know pizza probably isn’t the greatest choice during my $200 wager with my boyfriend to lose 30 pounds, but I couldn’t resist it.


As you may know I did not have a roommate last semester (due to some issues) and I now have a roommate.  I’m so so so so happy to say that she’s a sweetheart.  They probably couldn’t have paired me with someone better, such a relief!!!  But as of right now, my room is a train wreck!  I’m having to get used to sharing the room again, and I’m realizing how much crap I have, but it’s coming a long quite nicely!!

Random thought:  This desert I grabbed is extremely weird and kind of taste like a soft not as good Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie.

Anyways back to my room report!  I’ll post pictures of my room probably this weekend when my roommate and I are more settled and the room doesn’t look like an unorganized mess.

Well of to World Literature and Economics!!



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