Birthday Weekend with a Snowy Visitor




Hehehehe, just thought I would throw my excitement out there.  I am so happy that I’m getting to spend my birthday with my favorite people, and cannot wait for my mom to come visit!!!

So quick update on my life basically!!

I’ve been invited to new NEW Bzzagent campaigns this week, one for the new spring Glade Expressions scents, and one for the Schick Hydro Silk Razor.  I’m soooo excited to get to try these new products COMPLETELY free thanks to Bzzagent.  If you have no idea what Bzzagent is check out my post about it here !!

So keep on the lookout for some blog posts regarding everything I receive from Bzzagent come the next few weeks!!

Also, I’m sooo sorry for my lack of posts but I’ve been really busy with school work and all my transfer crap to be able to post.  But, I’m sooo excited to finally know my plans for the rest of my academic career!!  Starting next year I will no longer be a Longwood Lancer.  I will be starting at Thomas Nelson Community College this summer to start the journey to receiving my Associates Degree in Human Services.  Come my junior year of college I plan on being at ODU to receive my Bachelors in Psychology.

Getting my Masters degree is also a top priority but I’ll start focusing on that when it’s a little closer.

I also want to let you guys know that I will be starting a video series regarding what freebies I receive in the mail every two weeks.  I also will be following up with a blog post regarding where I get my freebies and any other basic information like that.  So be on the look out!!!

Catch ya later dudes :]



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