Over Priced College Food and Psychology

So tonight I chose to have dinner in my schools “student union” or “lancer cafe”, which is just basically another place for us to eat.  I was sitting in a booth doing some homework when I really started thinking about how expensive everything is in here.  We have one of those f’real smoothie/milkshake machines that you usually see in gas stations and what not, and these are priced about $3.69, down the street at Sheetz there $2.69.  Longwood, where do you think this money comes from?  We’re college students, WE’RE BROKE.  You’re probably thinking why I don’t just go and drive down the street to save a dollar, well I can’t because I’m not allowed to have a car up here, so I’m stranded, paying for overly priced food that isn’t that great.

I cannot wait to come home.  For good.  Hurry up May.



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