Update: Bzzagent Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil

Alright quick update on the Bzzagent campaign for the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil!!!

Disclaimer:  I received this free to try from Bzzagent and Garnier Fructis.

This post is much shorter than the last one because it’s just my overall opinion now that I’ve tried the product.


My hair isn’t gross feeling after and it made my skin SUPER soft.  Like crazy soft.

Oh, and it smells like a perfume you’d pay $$$ for at the department store.  So it’s got soooo many uses.  It’s never ending.

Check out my video reviews!!!




Bzzagent: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil

Disclaimer:  I received this product free to try/review thanks to Bzzagent and Garnier Fructis

So before I start I usually LOVE Garnier products and there probably one of my favorite hair brands, and this product did not disappoint.  I was lucky enough to try the Triple Miracle Dry Oil which is an amazing leave in product that’s good on dry and damp hair.

Here’s some of the great things it does!!!

  • Combines three weightless oils – olive, avocado and shea – to transform dry hair and skin
  • Made for everyday use on your hair, body and face (yeah, not just for your hair ladies)
  • Instantly absorbs in a touch with no oily residue (not oily at all, and most spray products are)
  • Can be used on damp or dry hair (after shower AND in the morning)
  • Available for suggested price of $5.99 (without coupons and a sale)

The list of the fabulous things this product does is endless.  Garnier truly did not disappoint.  But they never do :p


Be on the lookout for another Bzzagent post.  I was lucky last week and got chosen to participate in two programs!!


Influenster Brand Challenge: ABC’s The Taste

So I was invited to the Influenster Brand Challenge of ABC’s newest show the taste, and after a few previews I’m not very excited about the show.  It’s really like The Voice or American Idol, just with food.  I’m become really tired of shows like this because it’s almost like producers are running out of show ideas.

Influenster is doing a live twitter party next week during one of the episodes.  After that I’ll have watched a full episode and be able to really give my full feedback on it.

But already not excited, I never watch The Voice or Idol for a reason.


Check out a preview!!

Update: Bzzagent Glade Expressions

I’m truly in love with these products.  They make even the worst smelling dorm rooms smell absolutely amazing.  I use my Oil Diffuser in our suite because it sees the most traffic and it smells great.  It’s not an overpowering kind of scent, but a very light smell that packs a punch.  It’s worth every penny and it’s not even that expensive.  The Glade Expressions Spray is also a life saver.  I spray my room every day with it and it leaves such an amazing floral scent.

Disclaimer:  I received these items free to try thanks to BzzAgent and Glade (:


The Coupon Binder

So I’m pretty sure you’ve seen people in the grocery store with these huge binders full of coupons in the buggy, and I’m one of those people.  I absolutely LOVE my coupon binder because it always me to find coupons easily and always have them with me.  I mean what happens if there’s a crazy one day only sale and you didn’t have that one coupon, you’re going to be PISSED.  This is when the binder is a really great tool to have, because you’ll always have it with you.  Even if I have no plans to go to the store I always take my coupon binder, because you just never know and always want to be prepared.

So let’s talk about how to organize it!!!

I organize my binder by categories (feel free to have different categories to best meet your needs)!

Frozen (ice cream, etc.)
Refrigerated (butter, cheese, etc.)
General Grocery (spices, cereal, chips) You can branch into different categories for this one!
Personal Care (tampons, body wash, makeup, etc.)
Restaurants (they do have coupons out there)

 I also would recommend designed a cute little cover page for each category, this way you always know which section you’re in!
I will also design some later if you guys would like that 😀

Storing Coupons in Your Binder

I personally use baseball card sleeves.  My grandfather collected baseball cards (TONS) and I have more than enough sleeves, so this is what I chose to use.  I know business card sleeves work as well.  You really want something like this though because it allows you to organize the coupons best.  Also, I stole this little trick from Aunt but cut index cards and slip them into the sleeves before the coupons.  This way you can have double sided sleeves and use less!!

The binder really isn’t that difficult, but it’s time consuming.  My boyfriend jokes that I should charge people to make coupon binders for them.  Which I’m open to doing (:

It's sad, but true.

It’s sad, but true.

The National Brand vs. The Store Brand

Okay so here’s a pretty good topic in the world of couponing, the store brand vs. the national brand.  If you don’t know what I mean between the two the store brand is like Food Lion chips, etc, while the national brand would be Lays.  Without coupons we would all usually go right to the store brand, and sometimes I still do, because sometimes the store brand is still cheaper than the national brand with a coupon (not usually).

We all know that there’s usually NO difference between the two brands, and sometimes I even favor the store brand, but now I favor the cheapest cost.

Let’s use this as an example!  The Lay’s chips are on sale for $2.39 (I don’t know how much they are) and the Great Value (Walmart) brand is $1.19 (once again I don’t know the cost).  Right now I know there’s coupon for $1 off a Lay’s chip bag with that coupon the price of the Lay’s would be brought  down to $1.3

9, but if you notice the store brand is still .20 cheaper.  This is when I would go ahead and get the store brand because it saves me .20.  That .20 is still .20 you didn’t spend!!!!!

But occasionally there’s times that the national brand is on sale and there’s a great coupon out there to go with it.  Another chip example:  the Lay’s are on sale for $1.39 (yeah, hahah like that’s real life) and you’ve got that $1 off coupon making it .39 (I crack myself up) and the Great Value brand is $1.19.  The national brand is NOTICEABLY cheaper with the coupon and the sale and this is a time that you would chose the national brand over the store brand!  By the way, $1.39 for Lay’s, hahaha that’s NEVER gonna happen.

Let’s talk drugs (medicine people)!!!

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet!  The store brand is ALWAYS sooo much cheaper than the national brand.  Yes, sometimes you’ve got a coupon and a sale, but not usually.  By the way, there’s tons of regulations with medicines so there’s no difference other than how it looks or the covering of the medicine.  Stick with the gene

rics here.  Vitamins are different though!!  CVS does a lot of B1G1 (Buy one get one) sales on Nature Made vitamins.  Also, you can use 2 coupons on a B1G1 sale because technically you

are purchasing 2 items.  This gives you room for MAJOR savings.

Comment below with an idea for my next couponing post so I know what I should talk about next.  Or just comment to say hello (:


Drug Store vs. High End Makeup & What I Use (:

So I’m pretty sure every girl (or guy) has walked past the makeup counter at Macy’s thinking “what’s the difference”or “what makes these cost so much more”, and trust me I’ve thought that soooo many times.  But believe me, in some cases there’s a reason why the Dior mascara costs $25 and the drugstore mascara costs $10.

Warning:  I’m extremely loyal to my Dior mascara, not many drug store opinions will change that.  Sorry, once you go Dior, you don’t go back.  😀


There’s A LOT of great foundations out there, drug store, and high end.  My favorite brands are Clinique, Makeup Forever, Physicians Formula, and Covergirl.  I find that these brands work best for me and my overly sensitive skin.  To be completely honest, I never really see much of a difference between my higher end brands and my drug store brands.  I’ve got a good amount of both and I find myself switching back and forth because I really can’t find one that I just love.  But at the moment I am loving the Clinique Acne Solutions foundation.  This foundation is absolutely amazing if you’re suffering from breakouts and I would HIGHLY recommend going out and splurging on this foundation.  I do think Neutrogena has a foundation similar to this but I’ve never tried it.  (If you’ve tried it let me know how it worked for you)

Foundation Primer:

Not much to say here other than I’m addicted to my Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.  I can’t see myself not splurging on this product because I love it so much.  I have heard rumors that the Monistat Chaffing  Cream (gel, whatever) is like the same thing.  But I can’t bring myself to rub vagina product on my face, sorry, even if it does save me money.  As of right now I’m using a Physicians Formula Primer (it’s the green one) as well as the Smashbox, it really helps clear up some redness that I’ve got going on.  Oh, and it was 75% at CVS making it like $2 (:

Face Powder:

Powders are another area that I’m really inbetween on with the drug store vs. the higher end stuff.  I do have to be honest I really love the Smashbox Halo Hydrating Powder and really do think it’s the best, but I don’t have $60 to spend on it.  (So sad).  I can’t really say I have a favorite powder either, but I do think that Almay and Covergirl make some of the best powders out there.  Right now I’m using the Almay TLC powder and I think it works pretty well, but it does leave a rather “cakey” feel on my face, so I can see myself switching rather soon.  I also see ZERO difference between my Almay and my Mac powders, go save yourself a few dollars there.


As of right now I’m using Nars Laguna (bronzer) and Nars Orgasm (blush), and I absolutely LOVE them.  But as much as I use it I’m coming near the end of them and do not have the money to replace them.  I have however seen some extremely good reviews on the Physicians Formula bronzers and the blushes from Milani, so I’m excited to try those out once my Nars goes out.

Eyebrow Stuff:

I do not use any type of “eyebrow” specific products.  To fill in my eyebrows I use a brown eyeshadow and to set them I use a clear mascara (any color works).  I love using the Great Lash in clear to hold my brows in place and find that it works EXTREMELY well.  I probably will never splurge on these types of products because I’m happy with how my “make shift” products work.

Eyeshadow Primer:

Another high end brand loyalty coming your way!!  Urban Decay’s Primer Potion!!  I think everyone whose ever tried this can vouch that it’s amazing and is probably the best.  I would splurge any day on it.  But for people not willing to splurge I would say that any cream eyeshadow works  extremely well as a base.  You just want something that they shadow can stick to so it will last longer.  I’m also not really familiar with any drug store eyeshadow primers either.  Please comment if you know of some!!


Yeah no, I’ve never seen any number 1 eyeshadow.  I do love everything Urban Decay Naked though.  But for eyeshadows I don’t have a favorite.  I love Covergirl and all the other drug store brands and believe they work great!!  There’s also always coupons out so that getting the Covergirl is almost pretty cheap (:


Refer to above warning.  I’m in love with my Diorshow and can never see myself cheating on it.  But from past experience I really like Mega XXL mascara (forget the brand) and Wet ‘n Wild makes some pretty nice ones as well.  But the Dior is the greatest thing on the planet and completely worth the $25.  Once you go Dior, it’s all over.

Lip Products:

I use chapstick and that’s it.  I can’t help you here (:

Overall, there really isn’t a huge difference between the drug store and the high end.  Of course we’ve all got our opinions regarding the topic, but I think you’ll be quite fine going into Walmart and getting makeup.  And plus, they don’t make coupons for the high end stuff (:

Seriously my heaven in a tube.

Seriously my heaven in a tube.

“Try Me Free” Rebates

This is gonna be a SUPER short post, but it’s on a really cool subject REBATES.  Don’t let the word rebate scare you because it’s essentially one of the ways companies get products in your hands!!

Rebates are when you purchase a specific item, fill out a form on the companies website, mail them all that the form asks for, then in a few weeks you receive all of your money back, making that product FREE.

Here’s a rebate that I just submitted.

Physicians Formula does a lot of really good rebates throughout the year and the one I’m doing right now is on the Organic wear® 100% Natural Origin FakeOut™ Mascara.

So here’s what I did.

I obviously went to the store and bought the product, it’s rather pricey at $9.95, but it is REALLY great.  You have to buy the mascara that has the “Try me Free” peelie on it.  DO NOT LOSE THIS OR THE RECEIPT.

Then I went here http://www.physiciansformula.com/upload/rebates/2012/OrganicWearFakeOutMascaraRebateForm.pdf and printed this form.

I filled out the form (refer to what form wants on it) and put in the envelope the peelie, receipt (with price circled) and the rebate form.

Mail it off and then in a few weeks you’ll have a check with your money.  😀

Warning:  you can only do one per household, so don’t get excited and buy 10 of them.  You’ll only get the one back for one (:


I love organic products, and this one works better than my big named brands.

I love organic products, and this one works better than my big named brands.

My First Sappy Post

So if you don’t personally know me, or at least don’t know me very well, you might not know that I’ve been diagnosed with depression for the past few years.

Hell, not many people know that.  It’s not usually something I just come out and say.

I’ve learned to live with my depression, and how to hide it to where people can’t tell that I suffer from it.

But, it’s very real in my life, and effects me daily.

I started noticing my depression when I started high school, I’m sure it was always there, but things started to spark it.

I was always that girl who never thought she’d be happy, always thought she was ugly and not desirable, the girl who cried herself to sleep every night.

And the bad thing was is that it got to me.  I let myself believe all those things.

I remember the many days I would be in my counselors waiting room just crying because I was so embarrassed every time I had to walk into her office.

Why me?  Why do I have to be here?  Why can’t I just be happy?

It wasn’t until my senior year, the year I really hit rock bottom.  That was the year where every night I cried myself to sleep, contemplated the worse scenarios, and woke up every morning just knowing I’d have an awful day.

I did that to myself every single day.  I went to counseling once a week, waiting, just waiting for something to change.

I remember just wanting to feel beautiful, wanting someone other than my amazing mother to tell me that I was beautiful, wanting to FEEL beautiful.

It wasn’t until I got my senior pictures back (taken by the lovely Sharon Elizabeth Photography, of course) that I felt beautiful.  I remember looking at those pictures in shock that the girl in those pictures was me.

After that things almost started changing, it was as if, those pictures gave me a sense of hope.  A sense of change.

I also met someone, my boyfriend.  The absolute everything to me.  I knew from the moment I met him something was different.  I had found someone who understood me, didn’t judge my past, didn’t give up on me when I didn’t understand why I was crying, and loved me for who I was on the inside.  The person who thinks I’m the most beautiful thing on the face of the earth, first thing in the morning (even with rachet hair and morning breath).  The person who adores me no matter what.

Every girl needs that person.  And I found one.  The one person who is the cure for my depression, is better than any drug a doctor could give me.  He gives me love, and love truly is all you ever need.

And that brings me to today.  A day where I’m happy in my life.  I occasionally have melt downs, and that’s just fine.  Because it reminds me where I’ve been, and how I got this far.

My depression has given me a career choice of psychology.  A career where I can help people who go through what I face every day.  A career where I can wake up knowing that I can make a difference in someone’s life.

Depression has almost given me something to live for.  Something to fight for, and hope.  Hope that there’s a purpose to life.  Because maybe one day I’ll meet that teenaged girl who reminds me of myself, and I’ll be able to tell her that it gets better, and personally, know that it does get better.

Good night 😀


Couponing Do’s and Don’ts

So to follow up yesterday’s “Couponing 101” post https://theglamorouscollegelife.wordpress.com/couponing-101/

I figured I would take my free time today to write a little bit about the do’s and don’t.  Keep in mind that these change from couponer to couponer and it really depends on if you’re okay with being a little stuck up to get the deals you want, but if your an innocent sweetheart you’ll be okay.


  1. Do carry your coupon policies in your coupon binder.  These are found on all stores websites, just Google “Walmart coupon policy) and boom you’ll be there.  IT IS NOT ILLEGAL FOR YOU TO HAVE THIS!!!
  2. Do carry your coupon binder with you, at ALL time.  The store might have a carry 75% off sale that you weren’t expecting and if you didn’t have that binder you’d be pissed at yourself later.
  3. Do scout cashiers.  Do I need to say more?  The ones that look vicious and mean, yeah, STAY AWAY.
  4. Do be a coupon fairy.  What do I mean by this?  If you see someone getting an item you have a coupon for, be sweet, give them that coupon.  I’ve made people’s day by doing this, and it makes my day as well.
  5. Do follow the coupon fine print.  Coupon fraud is a serious offense and you can get in a lot of trouble for it.  The more someone commits coupon fraud, the less coupons there will be.  THAT WOULD BE AWFUL.
  6. Do kindly explain to your cashier the fine print if their misunderstanding it.  But, sometimes you have to take a loss to avoid the fight.  I bring in the manager almost 99% of the time, because THAT’S THEIR JOB.
  7. Do keep your coupon binder organized ALL the time.  You will hate your life if your not able to find a coupon that you really need when you need it.  I get soooo frustrated at myself when I let my binder get messy.
  8. Do take your time shopping.  I personally can spend at least an hour in a CVS making sure I get every deal and do the deal right.  Give yourself time, and it’s probably good to not bring the kids when you know your gonna be awhile.  P.S. it takes a lot longer when you’re first getting started.
  9. Do go alone at times.  You won’t feel as rushed and are less likely to miss something.  I’m fortunate that my boyfriend doesn’t mind shopping, he actually finds some deals I might miss.
  10. Do check the MAJOR coupon blogs hourly if you can.  They post various deals throughout the day.


  1. Do not get frustrated with yourself when first getting started.  I used to get PISSED at myself for missing a deal, or forgetting I had a coupon for something.  We’re not perfect, YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES.
  2. Do not go into Walmart expecting the cashiers to love your coupons, they will not.  They will more than likely hate you for it.  Do not let it bother you.  People behind you in the register will glare at you, but it’s not your fault you know how to save money and they don’t.
  3. Do not expect to go into the store and having your transaction run perfectly the first time.  Or the second, and sometimes the third.

I’ll update the Do’s and the Dont’s

if I feel something must be added.