Couponing Do’s and Don’ts

So to follow up yesterday’s “Couponing 101” post

I figured I would take my free time today to write a little bit about the do’s and don’t.  Keep in mind that these change from couponer to couponer and it really depends on if you’re okay with being a little stuck up to get the deals you want, but if your an innocent sweetheart you’ll be okay.


  1. Do carry your coupon policies in your coupon binder.  These are found on all stores websites, just Google “Walmart coupon policy) and boom you’ll be there.  IT IS NOT ILLEGAL FOR YOU TO HAVE THIS!!!
  2. Do carry your coupon binder with you, at ALL time.  The store might have a carry 75% off sale that you weren’t expecting and if you didn’t have that binder you’d be pissed at yourself later.
  3. Do scout cashiers.  Do I need to say more?  The ones that look vicious and mean, yeah, STAY AWAY.
  4. Do be a coupon fairy.  What do I mean by this?  If you see someone getting an item you have a coupon for, be sweet, give them that coupon.  I’ve made people’s day by doing this, and it makes my day as well.
  5. Do follow the coupon fine print.  Coupon fraud is a serious offense and you can get in a lot of trouble for it.  The more someone commits coupon fraud, the less coupons there will be.  THAT WOULD BE AWFUL.
  6. Do kindly explain to your cashier the fine print if their misunderstanding it.  But, sometimes you have to take a loss to avoid the fight.  I bring in the manager almost 99% of the time, because THAT’S THEIR JOB.
  7. Do keep your coupon binder organized ALL the time.  You will hate your life if your not able to find a coupon that you really need when you need it.  I get soooo frustrated at myself when I let my binder get messy.
  8. Do take your time shopping.  I personally can spend at least an hour in a CVS making sure I get every deal and do the deal right.  Give yourself time, and it’s probably good to not bring the kids when you know your gonna be awhile.  P.S. it takes a lot longer when you’re first getting started.
  9. Do go alone at times.  You won’t feel as rushed and are less likely to miss something.  I’m fortunate that my boyfriend doesn’t mind shopping, he actually finds some deals I might miss.
  10. Do check the MAJOR coupon blogs hourly if you can.  They post various deals throughout the day.


  1. Do not get frustrated with yourself when first getting started.  I used to get PISSED at myself for missing a deal, or forgetting I had a coupon for something.  We’re not perfect, YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES.
  2. Do not go into Walmart expecting the cashiers to love your coupons, they will not.  They will more than likely hate you for it.  Do not let it bother you.  People behind you in the register will glare at you, but it’s not your fault you know how to save money and they don’t.
  3. Do not expect to go into the store and having your transaction run perfectly the first time.  Or the second, and sometimes the third.

I’ll update the Do’s and the Dont’s

if I feel something must be added.



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