Drug Store vs. High End Makeup & What I Use (:

So I’m pretty sure every girl (or guy) has walked past the makeup counter at Macy’s thinking “what’s the difference”or “what makes these cost so much more”, and trust me I’ve thought that soooo many times.  But believe me, in some cases there’s a reason why the Dior mascara costs $25 and the drugstore mascara costs $10.

Warning:  I’m extremely loyal to my Dior mascara, not many drug store opinions will change that.  Sorry, once you go Dior, you don’t go back.  😀


There’s A LOT of great foundations out there, drug store, and high end.  My favorite brands are Clinique, Makeup Forever, Physicians Formula, and Covergirl.  I find that these brands work best for me and my overly sensitive skin.  To be completely honest, I never really see much of a difference between my higher end brands and my drug store brands.  I’ve got a good amount of both and I find myself switching back and forth because I really can’t find one that I just love.  But at the moment I am loving the Clinique Acne Solutions foundation.  This foundation is absolutely amazing if you’re suffering from breakouts and I would HIGHLY recommend going out and splurging on this foundation.  I do think Neutrogena has a foundation similar to this but I’ve never tried it.  (If you’ve tried it let me know how it worked for you)

Foundation Primer:

Not much to say here other than I’m addicted to my Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.  I can’t see myself not splurging on this product because I love it so much.  I have heard rumors that the Monistat Chaffing  Cream (gel, whatever) is like the same thing.  But I can’t bring myself to rub vagina product on my face, sorry, even if it does save me money.  As of right now I’m using a Physicians Formula Primer (it’s the green one) as well as the Smashbox, it really helps clear up some redness that I’ve got going on.  Oh, and it was 75% at CVS making it like $2 (:

Face Powder:

Powders are another area that I’m really inbetween on with the drug store vs. the higher end stuff.  I do have to be honest I really love the Smashbox Halo Hydrating Powder and really do think it’s the best, but I don’t have $60 to spend on it.  (So sad).  I can’t really say I have a favorite powder either, but I do think that Almay and Covergirl make some of the best powders out there.  Right now I’m using the Almay TLC powder and I think it works pretty well, but it does leave a rather “cakey” feel on my face, so I can see myself switching rather soon.  I also see ZERO difference between my Almay and my Mac powders, go save yourself a few dollars there.


As of right now I’m using Nars Laguna (bronzer) and Nars Orgasm (blush), and I absolutely LOVE them.  But as much as I use it I’m coming near the end of them and do not have the money to replace them.  I have however seen some extremely good reviews on the Physicians Formula bronzers and the blushes from Milani, so I’m excited to try those out once my Nars goes out.

Eyebrow Stuff:

I do not use any type of “eyebrow” specific products.  To fill in my eyebrows I use a brown eyeshadow and to set them I use a clear mascara (any color works).  I love using the Great Lash in clear to hold my brows in place and find that it works EXTREMELY well.  I probably will never splurge on these types of products because I’m happy with how my “make shift” products work.

Eyeshadow Primer:

Another high end brand loyalty coming your way!!  Urban Decay’s Primer Potion!!  I think everyone whose ever tried this can vouch that it’s amazing and is probably the best.  I would splurge any day on it.  But for people not willing to splurge I would say that any cream eyeshadow works  extremely well as a base.  You just want something that they shadow can stick to so it will last longer.  I’m also not really familiar with any drug store eyeshadow primers either.  Please comment if you know of some!!


Yeah no, I’ve never seen any number 1 eyeshadow.  I do love everything Urban Decay Naked though.  But for eyeshadows I don’t have a favorite.  I love Covergirl and all the other drug store brands and believe they work great!!  There’s also always coupons out so that getting the Covergirl is almost pretty cheap (:


Refer to above warning.  I’m in love with my Diorshow and can never see myself cheating on it.  But from past experience I really like Mega XXL mascara (forget the brand) and Wet ‘n Wild makes some pretty nice ones as well.  But the Dior is the greatest thing on the planet and completely worth the $25.  Once you go Dior, it’s all over.

Lip Products:

I use chapstick and that’s it.  I can’t help you here (:

Overall, there really isn’t a huge difference between the drug store and the high end.  Of course we’ve all got our opinions regarding the topic, but I think you’ll be quite fine going into Walmart and getting makeup.  And plus, they don’t make coupons for the high end stuff (:

Seriously my heaven in a tube.

Seriously my heaven in a tube.


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