The National Brand vs. The Store Brand

Okay so here’s a pretty good topic in the world of couponing, the store brand vs. the national brand.  If you don’t know what I mean between the two the store brand is like Food Lion chips, etc, while the national brand would be Lays.  Without coupons we would all usually go right to the store brand, and sometimes I still do, because sometimes the store brand is still cheaper than the national brand with a coupon (not usually).

We all know that there’s usually NO difference between the two brands, and sometimes I even favor the store brand, but now I favor the cheapest cost.

Let’s use this as an example!  The Lay’s chips are on sale for $2.39 (I don’t know how much they are) and the Great Value (Walmart) brand is $1.19 (once again I don’t know the cost).  Right now I know there’s coupon for $1 off a Lay’s chip bag with that coupon the price of the Lay’s would be brought  down to $1.3

9, but if you notice the store brand is still .20 cheaper.  This is when I would go ahead and get the store brand because it saves me .20.  That .20 is still .20 you didn’t spend!!!!!

But occasionally there’s times that the national brand is on sale and there’s a great coupon out there to go with it.  Another chip example:  the Lay’s are on sale for $1.39 (yeah, hahah like that’s real life) and you’ve got that $1 off coupon making it .39 (I crack myself up) and the Great Value brand is $1.19.  The national brand is NOTICEABLY cheaper with the coupon and the sale and this is a time that you would chose the national brand over the store brand!  By the way, $1.39 for Lay’s, hahaha that’s NEVER gonna happen.

Let’s talk drugs (medicine people)!!!

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet!  The store brand is ALWAYS sooo much cheaper than the national brand.  Yes, sometimes you’ve got a coupon and a sale, but not usually.  By the way, there’s tons of regulations with medicines so there’s no difference other than how it looks or the covering of the medicine.  Stick with the gene

rics here.  Vitamins are different though!!  CVS does a lot of B1G1 (Buy one get one) sales on Nature Made vitamins.  Also, you can use 2 coupons on a B1G1 sale because technically you

are purchasing 2 items.  This gives you room for MAJOR savings.

Comment below with an idea for my next couponing post so I know what I should talk about next.  Or just comment to say hello (:



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