The Coupon Binder

So I’m pretty sure you’ve seen people in the grocery store with these huge binders full of coupons in the buggy, and I’m one of those people.  I absolutely LOVE my coupon binder because it always me to find coupons easily and always have them with me.  I mean what happens if there’s a crazy one day only sale and you didn’t have that one coupon, you’re going to be PISSED.  This is when the binder is a really great tool to have, because you’ll always have it with you.  Even if I have no plans to go to the store I always take my coupon binder, because you just never know and always want to be prepared.

So let’s talk about how to organize it!!!

I organize my binder by categories (feel free to have different categories to best meet your needs)!

Frozen (ice cream, etc.)
Refrigerated (butter, cheese, etc.)
General Grocery (spices, cereal, chips) You can branch into different categories for this one!
Personal Care (tampons, body wash, makeup, etc.)
Restaurants (they do have coupons out there)

 I also would recommend designed a cute little cover page for each category, this way you always know which section you’re in!
I will also design some later if you guys would like that 😀

Storing Coupons in Your Binder

I personally use baseball card sleeves.  My grandfather collected baseball cards (TONS) and I have more than enough sleeves, so this is what I chose to use.  I know business card sleeves work as well.  You really want something like this though because it allows you to organize the coupons best.  Also, I stole this little trick from Aunt but cut index cards and slip them into the sleeves before the coupons.  This way you can have double sided sleeves and use less!!

The binder really isn’t that difficult, but it’s time consuming.  My boyfriend jokes that I should charge people to make coupon binders for them.  Which I’m open to doing (:

It's sad, but true.

It’s sad, but true.


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