Money Saving Apps !


There’s a few really great apps out there that are all for us money saver, penny pinchers, and couponers, and I’m here to name just a few!!
By the way, if you know of any that I haven’t listed please comment below and tell us!!!


Ibotta is a fun and easy way to earn $20 or more each time you go shopping. The more you use it, the better and more personalized your offers become.

2.  Endorse!
All you have to do is browse the offers we send your way and send us a photo of your receipt after you purchase the products that catch your eye. You’ll earn cash back and points redeemable for charitable donations made in your name.

3.  7- Eleven!
I’ve had this app for only a couple days now and I’ve received coupons for free Slurpees, free candy, and more!!!

So download these great apps (their all free) and start saving even more on top of your coupons!!


Disney World Update!

So if you haven’t already, I would recommend reading my initial post about the Disney World planning!

So Josh and I finally got to see each other and sit down and actually talk about this trip, and here are a few updates!!
By the way, the more I think about this trip, the more I really really get excited about it!

Traveling to and From (+ Hotel):

I really truly hate long car rides especially the 12 hour one to Disney, but driving is a way cheaper alternative than airplanes.  We decided that we may drive (depending on gas prices).  But I found a really great website:
This website is run by Southwest Airlines and is a great alternative to booking things separately.  I was researching dates in October (since January dates aren’t available yet) , and since October is considered an off season for Disney (prices are WAY cheaper).
It’s one big package that includes both of our flights (to and from) and our hotel room (at Disney), separate these would be way over $2000 and that’s our absolute MAX budget, so this is impossible.  Through this website the total would be a little over $1000 (prices can change due to it not being our ACTUAL date).  This is really great because just the plane by itself is $1000 then the hotel is around $1000.
So already a $1000 savings!!!!

Park Tickets:

Well sadly we’ve decided that we can only afford to do just Disney World (which is fine, more time with Cinderella), and that Universal just isn’t going to work right now.  But I’ve been looking at ticket prices are we’re officially not even going to consider booking our tickets through Disney directly.  I found sites that I can money with.  Our biggest hope right now is that some fabulous military family members will buy our tickets for us (us pay, duh) so we can get the military rate.  Disney World’s military program says right on the website that you can buy them for friends and family.  The only issue right now is that the deal ends before we’re going, so we’re praying that they do the program again when we’re actually going.  Right now the 4-day (Park Hopper) ticket is $156.  Yeah, that’s like $300 cheaper already.  So we’d only be paying around $300 for our tickets rather than like $600.
So already a $600 savings!!!!

If this plan doesn’t work I found a website that offers discount tickets
This website is approved by Disney and has tons of GREAT reviews so you don’t have to worry about it being a scam.  Here we can only save about $40 each, but hey, $40 is $40.
So here it’s only a $80 savings!!!!

Eating at Disney:

So everyone knows Disney has a dining plan, but for us this dining plan is a complete waste of money.  Josh never eats breakfast and sometimes doesn’t eat lunch, so buying him a dining plan would completely be a waste.  I on the other hand eat three square meals a day, so a dining plan for me wouldn’t be a bad idea.  But Disney requires that everyone in your party has a dining plan, so we’re going without one!  I found a website that outlines the cheapest places to eat in the parks so we’ll be going off these!!
So we’ll probably save a good amount here!!!!

Character Dinners?!

As much as I truly would love eating with my favorite characters, it’s way expensive.  So you know what?  I’m just gonna stalk them all in the park.  Seems logical, right?
Character Dinners are way expensive, and stalking seems like a much cheaper alternative!

So as of know this is our “unofficial” plan.  As we get closer to our booking date (I see this being around November at the latest) we’ll have a much more official price list and everything else.  Like I said before, I’m going to share all prices with you so that you can also save as much as you can on a Disney vacation!


Best Deals This Week: CVS Week of 3/24

(1) Purex Laundry Detergent $2.88
Coupons Used:
(1) $1 off manufacturer
(1) $1 off CVS coupon
Total Paid:  .88

(2) Physicians Formula Matte Eyeshadow $7.49
Deal was buy $14 worth of P.F Makeup get a $10 ECB
Coupons Used:
(2) $3 off “peelie” coupons on products
Total Paid:  $8.98
Got back $10 ECB, so $1.02 MONEY MAKER

(1) Gilette Venus Razor 1ct $6.99
Deal was buy 1 get $4 ECB
Coupons Used:
(1) $3 off
Total Paid:  $3.99
Got back $4 ECB, so FREE

My total OOP was about $12.97
(I didn’t pay this because I had a few leftover EBC’s and a CVS giftcard)
I walked away with $14 in ECB’s so this was a MONEY MAKING transaction !!

What I’m Buying: Kroger 3/24

So I love when Kroger does a “Mega Event” because these usually mean for GREAT savings.  This “Mega Event” is when you buy 5 participating items you save $5 instantly.  You can even mix the 5 items too, so it’s not just 5 of the same items!

Here’s what I’m getting:

(3) Yoplait GoGurt Twisted $1.99
Coupons:  (3) .50/1
The coupon will double $1.00/1Total:  .99 each

(2) Heluva Sour Cream $1.99
Coupons:  (2) .50/1
The coupon will double $1.00/1
Total .99 each

Total:  $4.95
Total AFTER “Save $5 off instantly”:  FREE, well I have to pay tax.

So pretty easy for a quick FREE trip to Kroger.

Comment if you have any questions!!! 😀



Huge News!!!

Well as of today I’m officially the second writer for an amazing blog!!
By the way go “like” the page!!

This is such an awesome opportunity because I get to work with another extreme couponer who’s my age and we get to share really great deals with you guys!  Don’t worry I’ll still be posting here ALL the time.  This blog is still my baby that’s a work in progress.  I hope this opportunity will help me better my blogging/savings skills, and maybe we can take this blog to the next level!

By the way, the new blog has TONS of giveaways so it’s to your advantage to go and like the page 😀

A Big Ole’ Thank You

In celebration of our one year (TOMORROW) I just wanted to publicly thank Josh for some stuff (a lot of stuff).

Thank you for….

  1. Always being kind and considerate
  2. Always making sure my feet aren’t cold
  3. Always making sure my entire body isn’t cold
  4. Always being available to cuddle
  5. Never complaining about watching Disney movies (unless golf is on)
  6. Teaching me how to golf
  7. Never getting mad at me for touching your butt when you wear golf pants (sorry, but you have a nice booty)
  8. Always telling me that I’m beautiful
  9. And actually making me feel beautiful
  10. Always making sure I’m fed (because you know what happens if I’m hungry)
  11. Always supporting every dream I have
  12. Never judging me
  13. Never complaining about going to Ulta
  14. Letting me be in love with Randy Orton, Rory Mcilory, Joe Manganiello, and all the rest
  15. Buying me coffee on your way to my house when you know I’m still asleep
  16. Waking up early to go to appointments with me
  17. Spoiling me
  18. Buying my Michael Kors watch and my Tiffany ring (I love that thing)
  19. Never getting mad at me when I forget to take my medicine
  20. Being there for me when Isabel passed away (RIP little puppy)
  21. Making me the most fabulous pink Rocket Ballz driver in the world
  22. Actually admitting that I did in fact beat you on that Par 3 in Nags Head during beach week
  23. Always giving me your jacket even if you’re cold
  24. Buying my golf cart at your tournaments so I don’t have to walk
  25. Never getting mad at me for cuddling up to you when you’re asleep (you’re really warm at night)
  26. Not getting mad that I can’t sleep until about 2am every night
  27. Putting up with my coupoining
  28. Carrying my coupon binder
  29. Buying my Sunday papers
  30. Coming to visit me at Longwood
  31. Supporting my dream of becoming a police officer
  32. Always being my 2 for $20 at Applebees

And always loving me, no matter what.

Thank you for the amazing year we’ve spent together, and I cannot wait for the many more to come.  You’re the best boyfriend/best friend/golf coach/math tutor/couponing student any girl could ever ask for 😀


Thanks to Softball: Pitcher’s Edition

Thanks to softball…..

  1. I know how a “team” works.
  2. I’m not afraid to play in the dirt.
  3. Or mess up my nails
  4. Or hair
  5. Or anything.
  6. It’s taken a lot of tanning sessions to get rid of my tan lines
  7. I know A LOT of people
  8. I got to travel
  9. I stayed out of trouble
  10. I know how to work hard to achieve goals
  11. My right arm will forever be bigger than my left arm
  12. As will my right leg
  13. That nerve in my right arm, will never work properly AGAIN.
  14. Being hit in the shin doesn’t hurt as bad anymore
  15. I love being active
  16. I can hit a golf ball more than 200 yards
  17. Those cheers from Rec ball, yeah still know every word
  18. People think I automatically want to play club softball
  19. I have no patience for people who don’t know how to throw a ball
  20. I learned to be a little selfish
  21. I got out of class a lot
  22. My white socks, are not white.
  23. I got my learner’s permit hours, really fast driving to and from practices
  24. I’m not afraid to pick a wedgie in public
  25. I’m also pretty good at quietly picking them

And most importantly,
All goals are reachable, only if you kick your ass hard enough to reach it.

I will never regret the 12 years I played, for it’s made me who I am today.  But I would NEVER do it again.


Monthly Subscription: Spicy Box


So I’m sure everyone has heard about monthly subscription boxes, and if you haven’t you’re truly missing out.  Monthly subscription boxes are sent to you monthly for a monthly fee, and there’s literally boxes out there for EVERYTHING.  Today I’m reviewing a company called “SpicY Box” and there is a reason why the first line says “for mature readers only”.

Spicy Box is a monthly subscription program that sends out boxes full of adult items (adult as in, yeah that stuff).  There’s two different types of boxes, the Premium Spice Box, and the Deluxe Spice Box.  The Premium is $24.95 a month (free shipping) and comes with 1 “flirty” item (a toy usually), 1-2 full sized products, and 3-6 trial sized products.  While the Deluxe is $34.95 a month and comes with 1 deluxe item (a fancy toy), 1-2 full sized products, 1 deluxe accessory, and 3-6 trial sized products.

Now you’re probably thinking there’s no way I want people knowing I’m getting these boxes other than my partner, and trust me that’s totally understandable.  That’s why Spice Box guarantees discreet shipping so no one will know what happens behind closed doors!  Spice Box is also highly ranked on other subscription box pages and the customer service has already been great.  I contacted them just a few hours ago regarding a partnership and I heard back in only a few hours.  So if you ever have any questions they are really there to help you out and “spice” up your life.

When doing checkout enter the coupon code “theglamorouscollegelife” and Spice Box guarantees savings and another “special” item in your box.

You guys should really consider this program if only for a month!!  They also offer plans to save a few more dollars as well!!

Check them out here:
And don’t forget to enter the code “theglamorouscollegelife” at checkout!!




Walt Disney World Trip

Well it’s official.  Josh and I have decided to forget holidays and anniversaries for the rest of the year in hopes of saving towards a Disney World trip.  Josh grew up without a lot of Disney movies (horrible, I know) while I grew up surrounded by all things Disney (I’ve been to Disney World 4 times), and I want him to experience “the most magical place on Earth”, because really, it is.  Disney World is the greatest place and has a huge place in my heart.  I haven’t been in a few years, and it’s about time I go back.  I turn 20 in January and Josh turns 24 (when we plan on going) and I feel that we need a little glimpse of our childhood.

As you all know Disney is not cheap.  I mean probably will cost about $1500-$2000.  But with my super cheap ways of living I plan on not paying this.  I want discounts on EVERYTHING.  Tickets, hotel, food, EVERYTHING.  This trip will take months to plan and months to save and I plan on sharing all the prices with you throughout the way.  This post is dedicated to showing you how much Disney costs without any type of trying to save, and goodness gracious the price scares me.

Here we go !!

Plane Tickets (sorry Josh, I will probably kill you if I have to spend 12+ hours in a car with you).
For the base costs of this I just did a search on Norfolk International’s website.
No discount sites, no anything.
We’re planning on going January 6th through January 13th.
From $548
Excuse my language but HELL NO.  This will not work, at all.

Hotel (I’m still debating on whether or not we’re staying AT Disney, so this price reflects Disney hotels)
Hotel is Disney’s All Star Sports Resort (it’s one of the value hotels), and these “value” hotels are really really nice, and NOT CHEAP.
The total cost would be $908
We’re at over a $1000 already, yeah NO.

Tickets (3 days in Disney, 2 in Universal)
Price reflects cost on Disney and Universals “official” site.
Disney:  (Price includes “Park Hopper” option, this option allows you to visit multiple parks in a day, it’s worth the extra $100 dollars):  $638
Universal:  (Price includes the 2 park option, because one has Harry Potter land, do I need to explain more?):  $238

I’m not good at math, but yeah, we’re either really close or over $2000 already.  Without food, or my very important Micky Mouse ice cream bar (have to have it, sorry).

How I plan to cut these costs down:

1.  Allegiant Air (flys out of Newport News)
Yeah, on a Monday the plane costs $50 a person.  That’s only $200 compared to the $500.

2.  Disney/Universal official discount sites
I can cut about $50 off of ticket prices here
$50 is dinner, so that’s a pretty good price change.

3.  Hotel
We’re probably not staying in Disney World.  I’ve found a few hotels that offer shuttles to and from the theme parks, and offer free breakfast.  I did a few price comparisons and I can save us around $500 here.  That savings equals PARK TICKETS.  The more I can save in one area, the more I can spend in another.

4.  Saving at the park
COMPLIMENTARY WATER, and we can bring our own food in the park.  I can coupon for snacks and save a lot of money here!

5.  My mom’s Disney credit card
Every time she uses this we get credit towards Disney cash, she’s so nicely said we can have the money she’s built up on this.

6.  Christmas/Birthday
Yeah, we’re only asking for money, towards our trip.

7.  THE FUND.The fund includes:  random money, money found, change, coupon overage, anything.  We’re saving a lot of money and throwing into the fund where it is only to be used for this trip.  This way we can’t spend it on other things.

So keep on the lookout for updates regarding our trip.  Also if you have any tips for us PLEASE TELL US.  We’re really trying to cut costs here, without giving up the magical Disney experience.  Also, at the end, I will post the final costs that we’re paying.  I’m not afraid to show this because If I can save a lot I want you guys to know how to do it so you can experience the magic of Disney for not a zillion dollars.


"Where dreams really do come true."

“Where dreams really do come true.”

Grocery Shopping For You ?!

So it’s been requested by some fabulous people that I should start grocery shopping for people, and I honestly think it’s a great idea.  This gives me the opportunity to save you money and spruce up my couponing skills because I don’t really get to “grocery” shop a lot.  Of course I’d have to charge people because I do pay for my coupons (not a lot I swear).

So here’s the details:

Since gas isn’t cheap I do have to charge for that :[
I’m lucky to have a pretty fuel efficient car, so I don’t feel that’s much.

Then since my papers cost me I have to charge there too.
I buy 4-5 papers each week, so that just covers a weeks papers, since I’ll probably be using quite a few for you guys (:

Then obviously you have to pay for your groceries.

I find this a great deal because a lot of people hate grocery shopping, and honestly, I love grocery shopping.

Also if your interested in learning to coupon I’m completely open to sitting down with you teaching you EVERYTHING.  I’ll even go to the store with you!!  All I charge for that is some good lunch 😀

Comment below if you like the idea or would like to do this !!! (: