Picking Your Future Home (College Edition)

It’s true, picking a college is like choosing a new home.  For the next four years you’ll be sleeping here, eating here, working out here, working here, studying here, doing homework here, cooking here, hanging out here, making friends here, and the list could go on.  So it’s extremely important that you LOVE where you’re going.  I thought of a few tips to help you guys make the right choice on where you spend the next four years!

  1. Make sure you like the town.  This is super important because once you make that decision and send off your deposit check, IT’S YOUR TOWN TOO.
  2. Make sure you like the living areas.  Probably one of the more important things because obviously you spend about 90% of your time here.
  3. Make sure you like the gym.  Heads up, the “freshman 15” is real.  Very very real.
  4. Make sure you eat some food.  I mean we gotta eat somewhere.  Heads up, the food is 100% better when tour groups are on campus, so what you eat during your tour, enjoy, you won’t see it often.
  5. THE EDUCATION PROGRAMS.  It’s what we’re here for right?  The one thing that attracted me to Longwood is the small class sizes.  I LOVE that.  My professors knew my name within two weeks.
  6. The library.  Just face it, you’ll spend a lot of hard nights here.  Make sure the couches are comfy :p
  7. Night life.  I mean, it’s not college if you remember every night you spent here.
  8. Greek life/campus involvement.  Don’t lie to yourself and say that you’ll be studying 24/7.  You won’t be.  No one does.  Check out your prospective schools greek life, campus activities, etc.  Longwood is ALWAYS having something going on!!
  9. Your fellow students.  Check out the schools students, because you spend a lot of time around them!!  Longwood is a pretty small school so I’m thankful that the other students here are USUALLY pretty awesome :p

The decision deadlines will come up on you pretty quickly.  Once you get your acceptance letters (congrats by the way!) tour your top schools again.  This time, be harsher about what you want to see and what you don’t.  Choosing a college is a REALLY big decision, so make sure you’re happy with it!

Try to avoid campus beds like this :p

Try to avoid campus beds like this :p

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