Grocery Shopping For You ?!

So it’s been requested by some fabulous people that I should start grocery shopping for people, and I honestly think it’s a great idea.  This gives me the opportunity to save you money and spruce up my couponing skills because I don’t really get to “grocery” shop a lot.  Of course I’d have to charge people because I do pay for my coupons (not a lot I swear).

So here’s the details:

Since gas isn’t cheap I do have to charge for that :[
I’m lucky to have a pretty fuel efficient car, so I don’t feel that’s much.

Then since my papers cost me I have to charge there too.
I buy 4-5 papers each week, so that just covers a weeks papers, since I’ll probably be using quite a few for you guys (:

Then obviously you have to pay for your groceries.

I find this a great deal because a lot of people hate grocery shopping, and honestly, I love grocery shopping.

Also if your interested in learning to coupon I’m completely open to sitting down with you teaching you EVERYTHING.  I’ll even go to the store with you!!  All I charge for that is some good lunch 😀

Comment below if you like the idea or would like to do this !!! (:

2 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping For You ?!

  1. Great idea, E! Every new mom should be ALL over this offer. I don’t “hate” grocery shopping… I don’t have time for it, nor do i want to do it with a 2 year old and a newborn in tow. So i will be calling on you this summer!

    • I can’t wait to come home and start couponing for people. It’s a win win situation for everyone. You don’t have to grocery and you save money on it, and I get to practice my skills while making a little cash!

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