Walt Disney World Trip

Well it’s official.  Josh and I have decided to forget holidays and anniversaries for the rest of the year in hopes of saving towards a Disney World trip.  Josh grew up without a lot of Disney movies (horrible, I know) while I grew up surrounded by all things Disney (I’ve been to Disney World 4 times), and I want him to experience “the most magical place on Earth”, because really, it is.  Disney World is the greatest place and has a huge place in my heart.  I haven’t been in a few years, and it’s about time I go back.  I turn 20 in January and Josh turns 24 (when we plan on going) and I feel that we need a little glimpse of our childhood.

As you all know Disney is not cheap.  I mean probably will cost about $1500-$2000.  But with my super cheap ways of living I plan on not paying this.  I want discounts on EVERYTHING.  Tickets, hotel, food, EVERYTHING.  This trip will take months to plan and months to save and I plan on sharing all the prices with you throughout the way.  This post is dedicated to showing you how much Disney costs without any type of trying to save, and goodness gracious the price scares me.

Here we go !!

Plane Tickets (sorry Josh, I will probably kill you if I have to spend 12+ hours in a car with you).
For the base costs of this I just did a search on Norfolk International’s website.
No discount sites, no anything.
We’re planning on going January 6th through January 13th.
From $548
Excuse my language but HELL NO.  This will not work, at all.

Hotel (I’m still debating on whether or not we’re staying AT Disney, so this price reflects Disney hotels)
Hotel is Disney’s All Star Sports Resort (it’s one of the value hotels), and these “value” hotels are really really nice, and NOT CHEAP.
The total cost would be $908
We’re at over a $1000 already, yeah NO.

Tickets (3 days in Disney, 2 in Universal)
Price reflects cost on Disney and Universals “official” site.
Disney:  (Price includes “Park Hopper” option, this option allows you to visit multiple parks in a day, it’s worth the extra $100 dollars):  $638
Universal:  (Price includes the 2 park option, because one has Harry Potter land, do I need to explain more?):  $238

I’m not good at math, but yeah, we’re either really close or over $2000 already.  Without food, or my very important Micky Mouse ice cream bar (have to have it, sorry).

How I plan to cut these costs down:

1.  Allegiant Air (flys out of Newport News)
Yeah, on a Monday the plane costs $50 a person.  That’s only $200 compared to the $500.

2.  Disney/Universal official discount sites
I can cut about $50 off of ticket prices here
$50 is dinner, so that’s a pretty good price change.

3.  Hotel
We’re probably not staying in Disney World.  I’ve found a few hotels that offer shuttles to and from the theme parks, and offer free breakfast.  I did a few price comparisons and I can save us around $500 here.  That savings equals PARK TICKETS.  The more I can save in one area, the more I can spend in another.

4.  Saving at the park
COMPLIMENTARY WATER, and we can bring our own food in the park.  I can coupon for snacks and save a lot of money here!

5.  My mom’s Disney credit card
Every time she uses this we get credit towards Disney cash, she’s so nicely said we can have the money she’s built up on this.

6.  Christmas/Birthday
Yeah, we’re only asking for money, towards our trip.

7.  THE FUND.The fund includes:  random money, money found, change, coupon overage, anything.  We’re saving a lot of money and throwing into the fund where it is only to be used for this trip.  This way we can’t spend it on other things.

So keep on the lookout for updates regarding our trip.  Also if you have any tips for us PLEASE TELL US.  We’re really trying to cut costs here, without giving up the magical Disney experience.  Also, at the end, I will post the final costs that we’re paying.  I’m not afraid to show this because If I can save a lot I want you guys to know how to do it so you can experience the magic of Disney for not a zillion dollars.


"Where dreams really do come true."

“Where dreams really do come true.”


4 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Trip

  1. If you know anyone that has access to a military base/installation you might be able to save on park passes bought ahead of time on base.

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