Monthly Subscription: Spicy Box


So I’m sure everyone has heard about monthly subscription boxes, and if you haven’t you’re truly missing out.  Monthly subscription boxes are sent to you monthly for a monthly fee, and there’s literally boxes out there for EVERYTHING.  Today I’m reviewing a company called “SpicY Box” and there is a reason why the first line says “for mature readers only”.

Spicy Box is a monthly subscription program that sends out boxes full of adult items (adult as in, yeah that stuff).  There’s two different types of boxes, the Premium Spice Box, and the Deluxe Spice Box.  The Premium is $24.95 a month (free shipping) and comes with 1 “flirty” item (a toy usually), 1-2 full sized products, and 3-6 trial sized products.  While the Deluxe is $34.95 a month and comes with 1 deluxe item (a fancy toy), 1-2 full sized products, 1 deluxe accessory, and 3-6 trial sized products.

Now you’re probably thinking there’s no way I want people knowing I’m getting these boxes other than my partner, and trust me that’s totally understandable.  That’s why Spice Box guarantees discreet shipping so no one will know what happens behind closed doors!  Spice Box is also highly ranked on other subscription box pages and the customer service has already been great.  I contacted them just a few hours ago regarding a partnership and I heard back in only a few hours.  So if you ever have any questions they are really there to help you out and “spice” up your life.

When doing checkout enter the coupon code “theglamorouscollegelife” and Spice Box guarantees savings and another “special” item in your box.

You guys should really consider this program if only for a month!!  They also offer plans to save a few more dollars as well!!

Check them out here:
And don’t forget to enter the code “theglamorouscollegelife” at checkout!!




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