Thanks to Softball: Pitcher’s Edition

Thanks to softball…..

  1. I know how a “team” works.
  2. I’m not afraid to play in the dirt.
  3. Or mess up my nails
  4. Or hair
  5. Or anything.
  6. It’s taken a lot of tanning sessions to get rid of my tan lines
  7. I know A LOT of people
  8. I got to travel
  9. I stayed out of trouble
  10. I know how to work hard to achieve goals
  11. My right arm will forever be bigger than my left arm
  12. As will my right leg
  13. That nerve in my right arm, will never work properly AGAIN.
  14. Being hit in the shin doesn’t hurt as bad anymore
  15. I love being active
  16. I can hit a golf ball more than 200 yards
  17. Those cheers from Rec ball, yeah still know every word
  18. People think I automatically want to play club softball
  19. I have no patience for people who don’t know how to throw a ball
  20. I learned to be a little selfish
  21. I got out of class a lot
  22. My white socks, are not white.
  23. I got my learner’s permit hours, really fast driving to and from practices
  24. I’m not afraid to pick a wedgie in public
  25. I’m also pretty good at quietly picking them

And most importantly,
All goals are reachable, only if you kick your ass hard enough to reach it.

I will never regret the 12 years I played, for it’s made me who I am today.  But I would NEVER do it again.



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