A Big Ole’ Thank You

In celebration of our one year (TOMORROW) I just wanted to publicly thank Josh for some stuff (a lot of stuff).

Thank you for….

  1. Always being kind and considerate
  2. Always making sure my feet aren’t cold
  3. Always making sure my entire body isn’t cold
  4. Always being available to cuddle
  5. Never complaining about watching Disney movies (unless golf is on)
  6. Teaching me how to golf
  7. Never getting mad at me for touching your butt when you wear golf pants (sorry, but you have a nice booty)
  8. Always telling me that I’m beautiful
  9. And actually making me feel beautiful
  10. Always making sure I’m fed (because you know what happens if I’m hungry)
  11. Always supporting every dream I have
  12. Never judging me
  13. Never complaining about going to Ulta
  14. Letting me be in love with Randy Orton, Rory Mcilory, Joe Manganiello, and all the rest
  15. Buying me coffee on your way to my house when you know I’m still asleep
  16. Waking up early to go to appointments with me
  17. Spoiling me
  18. Buying my Michael Kors watch and my Tiffany ring (I love that thing)
  19. Never getting mad at me when I forget to take my medicine
  20. Being there for me when Isabel passed away (RIP little puppy)
  21. Making me the most fabulous pink Rocket Ballz driver in the world
  22. Actually admitting that I did in fact beat you on that Par 3 in Nags Head during beach week
  23. Always giving me your jacket even if you’re cold
  24. Buying my golf cart at your tournaments so I don’t have to walk
  25. Never getting mad at me for cuddling up to you when you’re asleep (you’re really warm at night)
  26. Not getting mad that I can’t sleep until about 2am every night
  27. Putting up with my coupoining
  28. Carrying my coupon binder
  29. Buying my Sunday papers
  30. Coming to visit me at Longwood
  31. Supporting my dream of becoming a police officer
  32. Always being my 2 for $20 at Applebees

And always loving me, no matter what.

Thank you for the amazing year we’ve spent together, and I cannot wait for the many more to come.  You’re the best boyfriend/best friend/golf coach/math tutor/couponing student any girl could ever ask for 😀



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