Disney World Update!

So if you haven’t already, I would recommend reading my initial post about the Disney World planning!

So Josh and I finally got to see each other and sit down and actually talk about this trip, and here are a few updates!!
By the way, the more I think about this trip, the more I really really get excited about it!

Traveling to and From (+ Hotel):

I really truly hate long car rides especially the 12 hour one to Disney, but driving is a way cheaper alternative than airplanes.  We decided that we may drive (depending on gas prices).  But I found a really great website:
This website is run by Southwest Airlines and is a great alternative to booking things separately.  I was researching dates in October (since January dates aren’t available yet) , and since October is considered an off season for Disney (prices are WAY cheaper).
It’s one big package that includes both of our flights (to and from) and our hotel room (at Disney), separate these would be way over $2000 and that’s our absolute MAX budget, so this is impossible.  Through this website the total would be a little over $1000 (prices can change due to it not being our ACTUAL date).  This is really great because just the plane by itself is $1000 then the hotel is around $1000.
So already a $1000 savings!!!!

Park Tickets:

Well sadly we’ve decided that we can only afford to do just Disney World (which is fine, more time with Cinderella), and that Universal just isn’t going to work right now.  But I’ve been looking at ticket prices are we’re officially not even going to consider booking our tickets through Disney directly.  I found sites that I can money with.  Our biggest hope right now is that some fabulous military family members will buy our tickets for us (us pay, duh) so we can get the military rate.  Disney World’s military program says right on the website that you can buy them for friends and family.  The only issue right now is that the deal ends before we’re going, so we’re praying that they do the program again when we’re actually going.  Right now the 4-day (Park Hopper) ticket is $156.  Yeah, that’s like $300 cheaper already.  So we’d only be paying around $300 for our tickets rather than like $600.
So already a $600 savings!!!!

If this plan doesn’t work I found a website that offers discount tickets
This website is approved by Disney and has tons of GREAT reviews so you don’t have to worry about it being a scam.  Here we can only save about $40 each, but hey, $40 is $40.
So here it’s only a $80 savings!!!!

Eating at Disney:

So everyone knows Disney has a dining plan, but for us this dining plan is a complete waste of money.  Josh never eats breakfast and sometimes doesn’t eat lunch, so buying him a dining plan would completely be a waste.  I on the other hand eat three square meals a day, so a dining plan for me wouldn’t be a bad idea.  But Disney requires that everyone in your party has a dining plan, so we’re going without one!  I found a website that outlines the cheapest places to eat in the parks so we’ll be going off these!!
So we’ll probably save a good amount here!!!!

Character Dinners?!

As much as I truly would love eating with my favorite characters, it’s way expensive.  So you know what?  I’m just gonna stalk them all in the park.  Seems logical, right?
Character Dinners are way expensive, and stalking seems like a much cheaper alternative!

So as of know this is our “unofficial” plan.  As we get closer to our booking date (I see this being around November at the latest) we’ll have a much more official price list and everything else.  Like I said before, I’m going to share all prices with you so that you can also save as much as you can on a Disney vacation!



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