Bee Alive Skincare


I wrote an email to this company two weeks ago asking if I could receive a few samples and review their products for you guys, and I am so glad I did.

First off, Bee Alive is a company that has been around since 1984, and is helping bring people that best skincare NATURALLY.  They use Royal Jelly in every product and promise that the Royal Jelly is never freeze dried and always as close to nature as you can get.  The products are a little on the pricey side, but extremely worth it.  You’re actually paying for good things to put on your skin and not the nasty chemicals in the other stuff.

Here’s what they sent me:
NOT SAMPLES, FULL SIZE.  They are too generous and amazing.

Honey Cleanser 6oz $26.95

This cleanser is a foaming one and is extremely light feeling.  I normally don’t like foaming cleansers but this one was different, because it worked.  I tested it in how well it takes off makeup, and after washing it my makeup was completely gone and my face felt extremely refreshed.  This product does have a scent of honey and it’s a little strong, but it’s not too strong that it’s bad and it honestly doesn’t smell awful!  I really love this cleanser and after about 4 times of using it I’ve seen a pretty good results in my T zone area.  Another great thing about it is that it’s recommend for all skin types.  I have horribly sensitive skin so I’m afraid to put anything on my skin, but this didn’t dry me out or irritate my skin at all.

Rehydrating Facial Tonic | Refreshing Facial Mist  3.25oz $24.05

This facial mist is AWESOME.  I’m addicted to toners because I just love how refreshing they feel, and this one is fabulous.  It sprays out and is really cooling on the face, I enjoyed the feeling so much I sat around and sprayed myself for a few minutes.  It once again has the same scent as the cleanser, but it does smell rather nice after awhile, you kind of have to get used to it.  If you’re not familiar with toners they are used to put back the good things your cleansers took out, and their a very vital part of a skin regime that mostly get overlooked!  This toner might be my new favorite because I know that it’s not anything I don’t want on my face.  You can just smell and feel how natural it is.  It also has witch hazel in it to cover up redness, and it really does.

Honey Masque 2oz $42.50

This is the most expensive item I received, and I’m so happy I got it.  As the name says it’s a honey masque and just a warning it’s extremely sticky at first.  I would not get this product on your hair because it would be a nightmare to get it out.  After the product is on the face for a few minutes it starts to dry and is no longer sticky.  It also comes off shockingly easy (because all face masques are nightmares coming off) and didn’t leave a mess in my sink at all.  This product claims to brighten the skin instantly, AND IT DOES.  My skin looked FLAWLESS.  I’m truly addicted to this face masque!

Delicate Royal Jelly Créme  .8oz $37.50

So with extremely dry skin I put moisturizers through a pretty hard test, and making my skin soft is no easy task.  This product comes out of the pump rather thick and creamy, it’s somewhat in the middle.  It again has the same scent but by this step you’ve become used to it.  It instantly makes the skin feel soft to the touch and very silky.  After a few days my skin was remarkably 100x softer.  This product passes the sensitive/dry skin test!  (Not many things do).

All in all, I’m in love.  I did a lot of researching to find this company and I’m so glad I did.  The customer service is awesome and super friendly, they really do want to make sure you’re taken care of.  I was e-mail almost instantly and every time I email them they seem so happy.  They even replied to my Facebook wall post!  This company really believes in their products and it shows!  They have so many other types of products on the site, and I can only imagine that they work as great as these ones!

Check out their website here:

“Like” their Facebook here:



Bee Alive sent me these products completely free to try and review on the blog.


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