Waxelene Review

This week I had the opportunity to test a new type of product for you guys.  Waxelene is is the petroleum jelly alternative that has no petroleum products, and only natural and organic ingredients.  It’s supposed to work just like Vaseline but with better products for your skin!


  I tested this product after I took a few showers this week and always applied it to the driest areas of my body (feet and hands).  At first I noticed there wasn’t a strong scent to the product which is always great but it did leave me feeling greasy.  I’m not sure if the greasy feeling is supposed to happen but I didn’t really care to much for that.  Other than that the product really did change the appearance and the texture of my hands and feet.  There much smoother and very well moisturized now!  If you don’t mind the greasy feeling for a little while this product really works great!  I love that it’s all natural and organic because in today’s world everything has some nasty chemicals in it so it’s great to stay organic.

The prices for the products are:  2oz $6.99 and a 9oz for $15.99.

Check them out here:


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