Review: School of Wash Handmade Super Foaming Bubble Bath

So I just recently had the opportunity of reviewing a really awesome small business called School of Wash!  If you know me, you know I really love working with small businesses.  I love working with small businesses because I believe they offer really great products, products made in the USA, and better working products as well.

I’m also really addicted to taking bubble baths so when I saw that they had handmade bubble baths I knew I had to try it.  They have this really awesome “Pick a Scent” concept where they have TONS of different scents you can try.  I picked Strawberries and Champaign and it’s incredible.  The scent fills your bathroom and is so soft but still impressive.

The bubbles are also awesome.  A little really goes a long way here and with just two cap fulls I had a bath full of bubbles!  I was a kid at heart during the bath too, I even threw a few at my boyfriend!

I would totally check out this really awesome company and pick a few things and buy them!

Check them out here:


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