Couponing 101

Prepare for some serious changes in your life, and I mean SERIOUS.

I’m gonna start this post by telling you a few things that will weed out people who aren’t as serious about saving money using coupons.  So let’s see how many stick this out (:

  1. You cannot buy anything that is not on sale
  2. You cannot buy anything that is not on sale that you do not have a coupon for(I don’t care how cheap it may seem, but with a better sale, and a coupon your waiting for even more savings)
  3. YOU CANNOT BE BRAND LOYAL, EVER, NO EXCUSES (forget your love for Tide and Febreeze) Brand loyalties cost you SERIOUS money
  4. Store brand?  I normally do not buy it, because there’s no coupon for it.  I can usually get the name brand for cheaper when there’s a sale and a coupon for it.

Stockpiles?  Yeah, their REAL

Start by clearing out space, building shelves, something.  When there’s a free item (let’s use spaghetti as our example) you want to STOCK up on it.  Which means getting like 6-10 of the item so you can have it and not have to buy it again until it’s free again.  I personally use my closet shelves because I’m lucky enough to have a nice sized closet.

When do I stock up on something?

Ummm… when it’s FREE.  Or when laundry detergent is $1 and under.  If it’s free I usually get like 4 of it, if it’s something I really like and I have 20 coupons I get 20.  And guess what…. I don’t care that I cleared the shelf.  You have to be a tiny bit selfish.

Forget TLC’s Extreme Couponing

Yes, I do love that show, but I hate the people on it.  Guess what those people went in the store buying everything that they knew they would get free.  And the next day… went in and bought their milk, their produce and all the stuff there’s no coupons for.

So how do I save on “no coupon” items?

You build up this thing called “overage”.  Example toilet paper was $1 and I had a $1.50 off that same toilet paper (same size, everything) the register usually will take off the entire $1.50, leaving you with .50 off your milk, your other “non coupon” items.  Overage is soooooo important when grocery shopping because this will give you money to pay for all the stuff you REALLY need.

How in the hell did Walmart pay me $14?

It’s called OVERAGE and A LOT of it.  I’m a college student who has a meal plan and NEVER cooks.  I do not need milk and all that jazz.  So I use my overage as money in my pocket.  (Walmart is the only store that will physically give you money back).

Where coupons come from

The Sunday paper is really your best friend, I get 4 of them.  EVERY SUNDAY NO MATTER WHAT.  Well, unless I know there’s no coupons in the paper then I save my money.  I get this a lot “but your spending money on the coupons, so how are you saving money?”  If I spend $8 on my Sunday paper and save $100 at the store, I think I got my money back on buying the coupons.

Also, there’s a TON of online (printable) coupons.  I personally, “like” companies on FB because occasionally they release really good coupons.  Also, is the cream of the crop online “printable” coupon site.  Here you can only print 2 of the same coupon, so if you’ve got 5 computers, there’s 10 coupons for you.  It’s pretty simple.

Store coupons vs. Manufacturer coupons

Stores like Target offer Target coupons which are coupons that Target is releasing not the manufacturer.  The good thing about these is that you can STACK this store coupon with a manufacturer coupon.  So let’s say Target has $1 off any Tide coupon, and Tide has a coupon for $1 any Tide.  Oh my goodness, did you just stack those and save $2.  Yeah, you did.  And yes, it’s legal.


Soooooo important.  Print them, read them, learn them, study them, CARRY THEM AROUND.  I do it.  I have a copy of EVERY stores coupon policy that I shop at.  Because if you have a new cashier who isn’t gonna let you use your coupon because she doesn’t know the coupon policy it’s nice to whip that thing out and show her that your using the coupon right.  Also, I will warn you.  Walmart cashiers are really mean when you whip that out and try to school them.  But do it, and CALL THE MANAGER.


I’m extremely sweet when I’m couponing, I’m nice to all my cashiers because I know that they hate seeing my stack of coupons.  But if I get that one cashier who is rude and thinks I’m stealing by using coupons.  But always remember, the store gets the money back from the manufacturer.  So see it as, I’m not paying you, but someone else is.  So if you get that mean cashier, do not be afraid of her.  Tell her what that policy says, read to her and explain the fine print of the coupon.  AND DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR A MANAGER.  Also, I scout my cashiers.  I prefer a young man because I can flirt my way with them and they won’t give me a hard time.  Don’t be afraid to flirt in front of your husband either, I do it in front of my boyfriend.  Because if it saves him $50 he won’t be mad.


1 per purchase = 1 coupon per item your buying (if you’re buying 10 ketchups, you can use 10 coupons)

1 per transaction = 1 coupon for all the items your buying
(if you’re buying 10 ketchups, you can only use 1 coupon)


Only 4 like coupons per transcation
(if you’re buying 10 ketchups, you can only use 4 of the same coupons)





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